The Glee of being Free


Aren’t Dolphins one of the most amazing mammals on the planet? They fascinate me and I can’t wait to watch them in the new Blue Planet series which, I am informed by Android, we will be buying in Blu-ray to ensure optimal viewing quality. Clichéd though it sounds, I really do understand why people speak of a spiritual connection to these special beings. Whilst on holiday in Madeira a few years ago I got coerced into going on a choppy boat trip in the hope of glimpsing a dolphin or two. Every nauseous moment of the tumultuous trip was worth it when we were regaled with a spontaneous show of unabashed elation.

Divine Dolphins
Magical blue, you are one of a kind

Your free spirit smile gives me chills

That day on the boat, wish they’d left me behind

I felt green all day long up until

You leapt from the water euphoric and high

Pure joy as we saw you backflipping

I felt like a child as I watched you surf by

Your performance of glee was so gripping

So clearly intelligent and so in tune

Your souls with elation were brimming

Though many dream of flying up to the moon

I’d love to partake in pod swimming

Gentle noses, sweet fins with your whistles and calls

We don’t know the half, you are thinking

To see you that day, it was such a good call

Followed by celebratory wine drinking

Whenever I need to feel close to my source

In my mind I’ll return to Madeira

Together we’ll splash and do back flips of course

What a force to have your resource nearer


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