The Animal Instinct

Whilst enjoying a cuppa in the garden between coaching sessions, I tried my hand at a Primer Couplet. This, according to my poetry bible, is a set form comprising of rhyming dipodic couplets. Usually, primer couplets are rhymed aphorisms. Despite the complicated intro, my Primer Couplet initiation was a light-hearted one, inspired (you will not be surprised to learn!) by our mini zoo.

Flying Fur Couplet

The scared bunnies thumped

As The Alley cat jumped

Jumped a foot high

Said the shocked passers by

By chance out sprang Twiglet

Who munched like a piglet

A piglet possessed

Who liked bunny food best

Best to stay dry

Under cover I spied

Spied orange eyes flashing

Knew both would start dashing

Dashing behind

This old sofa of mine

Mine, yes and yet

It belonged to the pets

Pets who preferred

To munch carrots or purr

Perfect location

For clawed ruination

Ruination, fixation

And fluff ball temptation

Temptation aside

Time that I went inside

Inside I could hide

From the fur that might fly!

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