One Man’s Fish…


In an attempt to reawaken young Andrew’s passion for photography I took it upon myself to suggest a daily prompt style holiday competition. Whilst I strived to evoke the prompt in words, Sir Android’s task would be to capture the same prompt photographically. Given his penchant for a little healthy competition, I assumed he would be eager to jump on the bandwagon but alas, several days in, Anders complained of feeling too pressured to create and opted out! I nonetheless continued to amuse myself by penning a daily ditty, the first prompt of the week being ‘Fish’.

A Wish to be a Fish

It is a very human wish

To swim with life just like a fish

Cool water on my shiny gills

I’m light and lithe and splash at will

Until I gasp a tasty fly

A zesty burst, I leap up high

Plunge down again, must not forget

Us fishy folks need to stay wet

Meandering with what transpires

The river’s deep, I never tire

Just swim at whim, my tail a flapping

The fresh stream water gently lapping

There is a lot that we may learn

If for a fish’s life we yearn

Be not too stern or too officious

Swim like a fish, it’s quite delicious


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