Croatian Elation

Our sunny week in Split came at exactly the right time. Each golden day seemed to be laced with serendipitous moments and it felt as if Dad was there with us admiring the beautiful palace area and side streets and encouraging Andy and I to eat, drink and be merry.  And that we certainly did! I felt overwhelmed with happiness during our stay in Split and this made me feel more connected to Dad than ever.

The Happy Times 

It’s the happy times

That make me miss you most

Somewhere over the Rainbow

And our warm Croatian host

All these tender feelings

This friendly autumn sun

I know you’d drink it in

You had such a sense of fun

It’s the happy times

That bring your face closer still

Quirky boutique slogans

Chillis on the window sill

Your will always a clear one

To greet this life with hope

Cherish serendipity

A waste of life to mope

It’s the happy songs

When I see you smile and dance

That makes my spirit yearn

For another sacred chance

To see you once again

And together life to toast

Yes it’s these happy times

That make me miss you most

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