Savour The Moment

I want to eek the goodness out of life! I want to squeeze it and taste its beauty! Ok, so this may sound a little dramatic but as far as I see it, nature is handing us sunsets and stunning views on a plate. It is surely up to us to feast on these and to savour their beauty. This is not a dress rehearsal and we owe it to ourselves to experience our world. We don’t have to do a long haul flight to discover the natural beauty that surrounds us. It’s just about being brave enough to log out of our online lives and to check in with our souls.


Making Hay
Grabbing the dawn light with two hands

Ms Time, that illusive quick sand

Aware, even though you’ve denied her

Tastes sweet like a homemade cider
Wild calls to a place untrodden

Ms Fear, underfoot lies sodden

Big Bear holds me in my fight

Lonesome, chilly, star-studded night
No more it will dos and I’m fine

Out here it is all on the line

All alone, like the sound of John Prine

Making hay while the sun shines


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