The Right Path



The many non-linear stages of grief are too diverse and too personal to generalise about. I miss my Dad all the time but feel very connected to his voice and positive energy. Lately I notice that the more I listen to his wisdom, the more in tune with myself I feel. It really is as if he knows what the right path is for me and this is a huge source of comfort. I know that my  Dad’s voice will be there to guide me throughout my life. I just have to listen.


You’re in the locket round my neck

You’re in the seasons turning

You’re there when I would least expect

To stop my fingers burning

You’re in the shaded forest walk

Within that low light splendour

Though you have gone, your spirit talks

My hero, my defender

You’re in those jolly Broadway songs

I smile to see you dancing

You’re always right when life feels wrong

You know when it’s worth chancing

You’re with us when we chill at home

You give me my ambition

When self compassion starts to roam

You whisper recognition

You’re everything that’s good in life

Your dear heart like pink roses

When self defeating thoughts are rife

Send miracles like Moses

You are the source of honesty

The robins and the gulls

You mean so very much to me

Your light will never dull

You’re in the twinkle of my eyes

When I feel strong and tall

My cheerleader when I fly high

You lift me when I fall

You’re in way I view the earth

You’re in my aspirations

No currency to suit your worth

You are my inspiration


13 thoughts on “The Right Path

  1. This is such a loving post to the memory of your dad. I feel similar thoughts about my mum, in fact I’ve just drafted a post about noticing the signs that she’s still around me. Beautiful post Sam. 🌷

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