Down Time Rhyme


Every now and again when I need to get in the zone, I stick on my acoustic playlist and head off for a lazy stroll. This Saturday the autumn sun was shining and I was taken to another world thanks to the likes of Lana del Rey and co. It was good to slow down, feel a little melancholic and take in the beautiful scenery. Down Time is essential to the soul as it allows you to regroup and process this crazy little thing called life.

Melancholy Leaves

Slow steps along the warm September road

Oh Del Rey how your sad songs seep in

You’d tell me that these songs were maudlin I know

But I guess they help me look within

Neil Young wraps his tunes round my nostalgic heart

And Nutini slow dances with me

I carry my bag like a horse pulls a cart

As The Lumineers hum like drunk bees

Slow steps along the warm September road

A time for downbeat moods like these

Mindful, meandering, autumnal mode

As my feet kiss the dry fragile leaves


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