Expressing Blessings

The biggest lesson that I learned from my amazing Dad was to be grateful. A simple concept in many ways but not always an easy one in a world where we have so much choice. As I walked a familiar route near to our home one Saturday I looked out at Dornach from the top of the hill and was filled with a sense of gratitude. The sky was a little grey, the air was mild and there was a strong vineyard scent in the air. Despite the big drops of rain that had begun to fall, everything felt in its rightful place somehow and this feeling was humbling.

Gratitude Seeds

I’m grateful for the local sheep

Who call to us in voices deep

I’m grateful for the open fields

The small town, sleepy, village feel

For feeling safe to go and roam

The time to process on my own

For privacy, our little pond

For space in which our cats can bond

I’m grateful for the cobbled bridge

A Sutter coffee and sandwich

To see the ruins lit at night

The Gempen tower, local sights

For forest picnics in the woods

When we’re outside life feels so good

For Riesling, Pinot and Sylvaner

The late sun sets and life feels calmer

For singing with the gospel choir

Of morning jogs, I’ll never tire

The Christmas market and The Birs

The local pool, the hiking gear

For that sweet bench upon the hill

I sit with you a bit until

I know it’s time to leave you there

I’ve shed a tear, I’ve said a prayer

I’m grateful Dad, this seed you planted

I’ll never take this life for granted

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