Purple Power

I’m very attracted to all things purple. For me, purple is like pink with attitude. Whilst down in The Dolomites over summer there was a stunning array of mountain flowers everywhere we looked. A veritable purple and pink fest in fact. This post is a tribute to floral explosions of the purple and pink variety!


Purple in the Mountains

Purple in the mountains,

Violet and pink

Buds like bells cast witches spells

Miss them if you blink

Fuschia in the mountains

Lilting lilac ladies

Mauve they grow

Bright indigo

And rosy petaled daisies

Girly in the mountains

Flirty crimson shades

Pure pink hues as mountain dew

Embroiders the parade

Purple in the mountains

Dazzling damson dances

Sugar rings, good humour bring

A newfound land of chances

Coral in the mountains

The sun sets on the week

The seeds sewn deep, take beauty sleep

Through soil they shall soon peak

16 thoughts on “Purple Power

  1. I love purple as well. I own a 2013 Dodge Challenger R/T in Crazy Plum Pearlescent…I saw it, had to have it. I wrote a post about it. The heart wants what the heart wants… I didn’t realize it was going to be about the car until it happened…anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed this post! Thanks for sharing!!


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