First Dates


Nearly a decade ago Andy and I had our first date and it is was one to remember! The evening started off with a decent bottle of red in a classy wine bar (smooth hey?!) and, just as things threatened to become too sedate, I was whisked off to the other side of town to a spit and sawdust joint which goes by the name of The Frog and Frigate ( aka The Frog, lost its license at one point but has fortunately since been revived!) By midnight I was dancing on the tables with a pint of warm beer in my hand whilst the guitarist (also precariously stationed on a table) strummed The Beatles, Freddie Mercury, The Levellers and a truly eclectic set of acoustic numbers. Needless to say, after our first date, The Frog became our favourite haunt and most Fridays were spent rocking up at midnight, already three sheets to the wind and on a mission to party. A one off bar where all manner of people would come out of the woodwork to celebrate the arrival of the weekend!

The Frog

When weeks were weary we were drawn

Like vampires hiding from the dawn

To darkened haunt, back streets of town

A ‘bar’ of sorts would be the noun

And yet ,The Frog, was so much more

A meeting place like none before

Where students, randoms, lonely hearts

And working men and weekend tarts

Professionals, the middle aged

All walks of life themselves uncaged

To gather recklessly on tables

Dancing though their legs unstable

Acoustic tunes strummed through the bar

The Beatles played, we were rock stars

We swayed along as Derek played

Communal vibe took centre stage

Our faces red, our voices hoarse

Each evening took a similar course

With lots of laughter and spilled drinks

But never trouble (I don’t think)

Wherever I have since frequented

Nowhere has such mirth presented

And though most nights a drunken fog

Nostalgic, I recall The Frog


10 thoughts on “First Dates

  1. Hi Sam,
    Your beautiful poem evoked memories of my drinking days and the fun I had back then. I think many of us in recovery write off these memories as an aberration brought on by alcohol use, but I need to remind myself that those moments are an important part of my life, not to be condemned, but to be cherished for their beauty–and for their innocence. Bless your teaching, brother!

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    1. Thank you so much. Really didn’t mean to be insensitive by sharing alcohol related stuff – sorry and thanks for reacting in the way you did. They were indeed innocent days and nice memories. Thanks for connecting – you seem like a lovely person 🙂


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