Passion Statement

Today’s offering is my first attempt at a chant. A chant, being a religious recital style poem that includes a refrain according to my faithful copy of The New Book of Forms. I loved writing this poem – it was like unleashing myself onto the page! Our passion is definitely our strength. What are you most passionate about? Who are you when you are most in touch with your passion?

The Passion

I am the flames of love within your loins

I am the swirling vortex of your soul

I am the raging drama of your heart

I am the force that makes you feel alive

I am the twinkle in your hungry eyes

I am the maker of your inner dreams

I am the broody, sultry, stormy sky

I am the way your hair looks when unbrushed

I am the racing charge of your wild mind

I am the place you go when you’ve no map

I am destructive when I’m kept inside

I am the very food you feast upon

I am the freedom of your every whim
Who ignites the energy you breathe in?

Who allows your fertile soil to grow?

Who drives people to the edge of Reason?

I am the Pulse, I am the Rose


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