Daily Deal Appeal

I’ll be the first one to admit that I do get sucked into a good Groupon deal now and again! Last Christmas I snapped up a two for one day ticket around Lake Lucerne for Andy and I (yes ok – it wasn’t an entirely altruistic gift!) and months later we still didn’t seem to have found the right time to redeem it. Last Saturday we took the bull by the horns and spent a magnificent and sunny day hopping on and off boats, even somehow managing to make it up to the panoramic summit of Mount Rigi (a bucket list experience for both of us). It was an exhilarating and slightly exhausting day which we will always remember. Good old Groupon – I don’t think I’m quite ready to unsubscribe just yet!

The Loveliness of Lake Lucerne

An early rise, we’re bleary eyed

The warmth has not yet risen

Excited that we found the time

For our Lake Lucerne mission

A Christmas deal, becoming real

Day tickets in our hands

We glide along to Alpnachstad

The alpine views are grand

As our boat moves, clear water grooves

Ressembling old LP’s

The contours of the mountains smooth

For lunch – my fix of cheese

And once at shore, we’re back for more

Decide to seize the day

In Weggis we are upward bound

A beer in Rigi’s rays

Ten shades we’ve seen, of blue and green

 With lakes and forest blending

July in Vierwaldstättersee

A day, I’m sad is ending


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