Rockin’ all over the World

Staying true to my word, I am continuing to step out of my comfort zone where possible. I really can’t ask my life coaching clients to do this if I am not game myself! So, once checked in for my recent overnight stay, I headed to Landi to shop for dinner for one. En route I spotted a busy bikers gaff where burgers, chips and beers seemed to be the name of the game. Convincing myself that they would not do veggie burgers, I would only be stared at and that I wouldn’t find a seat, on I strolled. Once I got to the supermarket I had a sudden revelation that I was a 41 year old woman for goodness sake and that if I wanted to sit alone in a road side rock gaff swigging a large beer and eating a (hopefully) veggie burger, then I would. And I did. And it felt great! And I even had a chocolate ice-cream afterwards! Whilst munching my way through my dinner I imagined a washed out rock chick who was a local at the Roadstop Café.


Roadstop Cafe, late July

Slumped down into her chair

Her eyes all smudged, her thoughts awry

Jet black, her long thin hair

A piercing on her subtle nose

Her arms, a tattooed mess

The stamps of old loves I supposed

Hard to let go I guess

Sewn in her brow, some bitterness

Betrayal and some lies

Yet still a faint hope etched within

The crow’s feet ’round her eyes

She held herself with heaviness

Noone would dare go near

And guarded like it was her young

Her lukewarm pint of beer

It was as if she’d lived her life

Her mouth a tired pout

Though she was barely forty one

She now was all rocked out

Roadstop Cafe, late July

I’ll never know her truth

But I could feel her inner cry

Upon her necklace “Ruth”


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