Absence makes the Heart grow fonder

A little nostalgia this morning as I would like to share a poem which I wrote eighteen years ago. Long distance romances were a recurrent theme throughout my twenties and mid thirties as I never stayed in one place for very long.  Romance and longing French style…Ooh la la!


We’re sat in a café

The morning sun smiles

Your empathy glistens

And it’s been a while…

A snappy decision

A sleepy refrain

We’ll leave in an hour

And there goes our train

I’m fragile and edgy

You’re patient and kind

The sun comes a scorching

I’m counting the time

The glistening building

The stage and the square

Are tinged with the colours

Of moments we share

You ask my opinion

Whilst smoothing my hair
A homely reception

We’ll go to the sea

And Arcachon shines

Upon you and me

We’re sharing the waves

With your parents close by

You show me the dunes

And the sand scalds my thighs

The cool pinewood trees

Our evening retreat

On sunburnt shoulders

Their breeze soothes the heat

And we sail the coast

We swoop high and low

Your Dad talks in rhythm

A rambling flow

And I’m thinking of you

And you’re in Bordeaux


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