Inner Strength

I believe that we all have a survivor spirit us which we need to call upon during challenging times in our lives. Today’s post is all about a warrior who I imagined in a coaching visualisation, in the midst of a thick rain forest battling to get through and who draws upon her inner strength and fighter instinct to face the challenge. 


Humid drops hang in the air

She chants one last rainforest prayer

The dense trees looming, suffocating

No time to lose, she can’t stand waiting

The heat is heavy, like boiling stew

The only sure way out is through

She strides out boldly, fear has gone

Her self talk says, “Face this head on”

Azalea hacks through forest thick

Her mind is strong, her pace is quick

Though thorns and branches scratch her face

She’s fierce enough to fight this place

Her knees are muddy, skirt is torn

But her brave soul is far from worn

The hazy sun may now be fading

But she’ll push through, her toned limbs wading

Through miles of unforgiving green

Where seemingly no man has been

Loud squawks above, a rustling sound

She scans the tree tops, looks around

A rainbow bird flies in her path

Her guard comes down, she starts to laugh

This bold and ruthless warrior queen

Is sensitive as well, it seems

She stretches out her battered arm

So that the bird lands without harm

Whilst monkeys make the tall trees shake

No fear can make her spirit break

And bats may swoop, and wild cats roam

It’s tooth and nail, until she’s home

Azalea’s been right through the mill

She’s powerful, of iron will

She stomps through undergrowth so damp

Until she finds a temporary camp

Down falls the dark black sheet of night

But never will she cease to fight


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