A Break at the Lake

Lakes make me feel peaceful and slow me down. One late Saturday afternoon Andy suggested packing our stove and kayak and heading down to the Sempachersee. We know a little spot there where you can park the car, inflate the kayak and go straight in with very little fuss. An hour on the kayak, a cheeky swim and (puncture aside) I was a new person. We both love these non touristy, tranquil places near the water and it was a really memorable experience.


A soothing, tempered July sun

It’s time we had some harmless fun

An hour away from household chores

Out comes the kayak and our oars

And in no time, we’re all inflated

In the water, feel elated

Eager strokes which soon give way

To lazy mood and David Gray

I sing aloud, once more I’m free

So glad you’ve sailed away with me

We look out to the glittered lake

The seagulls bobbing as we break

There’s nothing shaken, nothing stirred

Just gentle, distant engine whirs

No tourists here, nothing to buy

No need to please this summer sky

You paddle on, I stop and write

A moment later, tone of fright

The bottom of our kayak weighted

A puncture, or perhaps deflated?

Oars are heavy, water’s thick

As if the boat’s filled up with bricks

But soon ashore, our stove is lit

Amusing to look back on it

Cordon Bleu and fresh courgette

Two men are fishing at sunset

Cute baby moorhen in the reeds

A lovely weekend, yes indeed

From in the car, hot air balloons

Please let’s return to Sempach soon

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