I find that I need lots my movement in my life. Not necessarily fast movement but motion and flow. After walking, jogging or swimming, there is often a blissful moment of stillness. In this stillness I am able to access my inner world which came to me in this poem in the image of a well. 

The Well of Wisdom

I know a deep and private well

Where rainbow trout and koi carp dwell

Within the well, the water’s fresh

Lucidity and visions mesh

I hear the drops of wishes fall

They echo through the stony walls

Each one a little seed that’s planted

Can’t take sparks of life for granted

My well is constantly renewing

Within it, intuition’s brewing

Though some may toss their coins inside

It’s my dreams here that come alive

The fishes swim in rhythmic flow

Their water dance, a zen like show

To enter here, takes some conditioning

Lots of waiting, lots of listening,

Subtle signs show through the mist

And guide me to my well of bliss

I bathe my soul, my aura’s cleansed

See my life through a clearer lense

Its secrets I will never tell

Profound and still, my deep wise well

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