The Tiger Inside

Ziggy, aka Zig Zigs, Zig Zag or Zigga Zigga is such a loving little baby tiger! At first he hid for over a month behind the sofa and we were beside ourselves with worry until one day he decided to trust us and ventured out and hasn’t looked back since. Zigs is the most vocal of our three kitties, often greeting us with a friendly miaow or a chirp accompanied by a head butt. He loves laying on his back with his arms and legs stretched out so that he can have his belly stroked. No more Mr Shy Guy hey Zigs?


At first so wary, such a hider

Was our timid baby tiger

Taking refuge high upstairs

From scary, loud household affairs

Yes cares were frozen in Zig’s eyes

Perhaps his doubts were rather wise?

As feral life can be quite tough

His haunting ground had sure been rough

Meals on the hoof, on red alert

In fear his sisters would get hurt 

No time to pause and no routine

Poor Ziggy wore some scars it seemed

But suddenly, out of the blue

His confidence just grew and grew

No more the distance or the hiding

Big brave tiger came down striding

Full of chirps and cute miaows

To reassure we now were pals

Initial snubbing, we did pardon

Could even let him in the garden

Grateful for his new domain

Our Zig Zig is a cat that’s changed

A tender tiger full of trust

Domesticated – one of us!


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