Night and Day

On first glance, Nera and Ebsy look very similar, so much so that the lady from the rescue agency could not tell them apart. On becoming better acquainted with these two lovely ladies however, we have learned that they are polar opposites! We are finding that in a multiple cat household we get to know individual characters quickly as we observe them interacting with eachother and their environment as well as with ourselves. Today’s poem is a tribute to our awesome twosome, Nera and Ebsy.

Black Magic

Black magic are these little girls

Whilst Ebsy pounces, Nera twirls

At first, you’ll barely know who’s who

As two black fluff balls gaze at you

A close look though now if you please

You’ll see these two are chalk and cheese

Cause green eyed Nera’s quite serene

Whilst Ebsy’s eyes look rather mean

They flash like amber when she’s vexed

But underneath she’s quite complex

From time to time can be sweet

And creeps around our legs for treats

Her football skills are far more honed

Than little Nera lazy bones

Who loves to curl up on her bed

Whilst feisty Ebsy shakes her head

Remaining true to feral roots

She spends her evening in cahoots 

With other alley cats like her

With war wounds, bites and tough old fur

Her surly looks a little scary

But these days she is not so lairy

Wary maybe but in fact

Her hard nut beetle shell has cracked

She loves a cuddle, like the next

And shows love when you least expect

Though one is Jekyll, one is Hyde

The pair do happily reside

When one jumps up, the other down

The Ying and Yang of Dornach town


9 thoughts on “Night and Day

  1. Like humans, cats seem to have such different personalities. Its incredible! You can have a scaredly cat, a curious cat, a lazy cat etc…heheh…but seriously the one thing they certainly know how to do is to rule their human!

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