​Complete Cattitude

Ebsy is a law unto herself. She took a while to come out from hiding and when finally semi-socialised and allowed outside, she gave Andy a few sleepless nights! Initially she loved to roam around the vegetable patch near to our house and could barely be bothered to return for her grub! These days she prefers hiding in the bushes and jumping out on Ziggy and Nera when they least expect it. Her eyes become a scary orange colour when she is annoyed but the next thing you know she’ll be rolling onto her back and purring. Wilder and more temperamental than her sister but a kitten inside, Ebsy provides us a constant source of entertainment.

If Ebsy’s knowing lips could speak 

They’d say “You humans are so weak

Though you may feed me, more and more

I’ve got you eating from my paws”

Indeed, no prisoners does she take

She’s silky black for goodness sake

Lays on her side, back legs extended

Attempts to stroke leave her offended

Little Miss-with-Cattitude

Has no need for our platitudes

Preferring to escape the fuss

Frequenting patches, not near US!

Where she can roam through leafy greens

Hide out with radishes and beans

Until her dainty belly growls

Upon which she concludes her prowl

And takes up the convincing act

Of a poor hungry, household cat

Were taken in, hook, line and sinker

She’s got us wrapped around her fingers


11 thoughts on “​Complete Cattitude

  1. Aww, how adorable! 😍 I’m quite familiar with being on the receiving end of the “cattitude.” I even bought a welcome mat that has that phrase on it, and my mom buys me a “cattitude” calendar every Christmas. 😄

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