Little Miss Contented

Today’s post is all about Nera, the master of adaptation! Our dainty, serene, cheeky kitty was the first to come out of hiding and after a few days was strutting about the place as if she owned it. In all honesty, if it hadn’t been for Nera showing Ziggy and Ebony that their was life beyond the back of our sofa, they may never have taken the plunge. Nera really is a silky, sociable, happy little girl. She loves watching me attempt to garden, curling up against Andy in bed and chasing birds and our poor bunnies. If she were a person we are convinced she’d wear girlie dresses and paint her nails!


Nera’s confidence is clear

Her fluffy coat’s endearing

Right from the start she’s shown no fear

Her two cute eyes appearing

Between the stony spiral stairs

On her back, she’d be laying

Two trusting paws held in the air

“Want cuddles” goes the saying

A ball of cute and loving trust

Sure footed with hips swinging

In no time she had won our hearts

To Daddy she’d start clinging

A pampered kitty far too soft

To sleep on stony floors

Instead she’d take my favourite spot

Stretch out her purrfect paws

A chirpy, happy, girlie cat

A pretty pink princess

Her human alterego would

Twirl round in floral dress

Nera’s cheer is always here,

Our lives she has augmented

Her open heart is oh so dear

She’s Little Miss Contented


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