Feline Zen?

Two months ago three special little cuties walked into our lives. Things were not all plain sailing as our part feral companions began the process of settling into  domestic life with Andy and I. It was only after we had named them Ziggy, Ebony and Nera that we discovered that the first letters of each of their names spelled the acronym ZEN! At first this seemed quite ironic given the antics that our crazy little fluff balls got up to at night. Now that they feel at home we are seeing daily signs of trust and affection and it is heartwarming. This week’s poems are all about The (almost) ZEN brigade. Cat lovers – watch out for some photos later on this week!

Three Cats

Three cats, who would have thought of that?

Three mouths to feed, three coats to pat

Who says the perfect number’s two?

Perhaps they don’t know cats like you!

Ok, it wasn’t all plain sailing

Sleepless nights with fights and wailing

Caused by vagrant ping pong balls

That bounced against the doors and walls

Three skittish cats, three balls of fluff

Night one with you was rather tough

As house and home no more our own

Were torn apart like a war zone

Pillows flying, plants derooted

Sofas scratched and jewellery looted

But in the morning there you laid

As if no fuss had to be made

In nonchalant feline repose

Cleaning behind ears and toes

Three cats, with you now life is clearer

Ziggy, Ebony and Nera

Not quite the mindful ZEN brigade

With your play fights and dawn tirades

You pickles all know very well

You feline charm was no hard sale

We fell right in, completely bought it

Three cats? Who would have ever thought it?


12 thoughts on “Feline Zen?

      1. Catnip was the key for me, and… being ignored. Alex (the owner of the firm, and my primary caretaker) realized that if she ignored me long enough I would have to make the first move. It worked.

        Probably a different dynamic with 3 kitties though. They have each other to socialize with.

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