Flutter By

Papillon…Schmetterling…Mariposa…………..Farfalla. As a languages geek I am fascinated as to the lack of an obvious linguistic connection between the French, German, Italian and English words for the humble butterfly. Besides this, I obviously have butterflies on the brain as you will discover when reading about a lady who flits and flirts her way through life. May your weekend be as footloose and fancy free as Farfalla’s!


Farfalla is a flirty girl

Sometimes she’s straight, sometimes there’s curls

She flits and floats her pretty wings

Attracted to all floral things

Farfalla’s fond of leading questions

Curious in all directions

Buzzes with a Springtime feel

Her eyes alight with sex appeal

Farfalla’s free and full of lust

She spreads her wings and makes your trust

She smells of gardens filled with roses

Like Mozart her sweet soul composes

Farfalla’s thrill lives in her eyes

Beguiling, temptress butterfly

She lands near you and you’re transfixed

But don’t be taken by those tricks

Enjoy your sensual fleeting hour

Farfalla’s garden’s full of flowers

She’ll soon fly on and land elsewhere

With teasing, temptress trance like flair

Drinking nectar as she goes

Farfalla keeps you on your toes


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