A Stone’s Throw…

Today is my dear Dad’s birthday and what I wouldn’t give to be able to pick up the phone and wish him a lovely day and tell him how much I love him. The month of July takes me back to treasured days walking along the beach with Dad. We could always chat so openly and the good old English sea air would blow away the cobwebs and restore the soul. Dad loved looking out to sea with his binoculars on and pointing out the different boats as they passed by. We’d walk, talk, laugh and he would skim stones far more skillfully than I ever could. Last week in the Dolomites I wrote ‘Dad’ in stones at the summit of the majestic Col Raiser. My mind yearns for my Dad to still be here, but my heart knows that with such lovely memories, Dad is only ever a stone’s throw away. Happy Birthday dear Dad! 

Skimming Stones

Sometimes I walk to Western Shore

Just need to be alone

My scars still smarting, pain still raw

And I start skimming stones

One by one they jump along

You had a better throw

Without you here, the world seems wrong

Why do the good ones go?

We’d gaze at passing boats at sea

You loved to snap away

Binoculars so you could see

I loved that childlike way

We filled our lungs with salty air

Slow steps on shiny shingle

The breeze it blew away our cares

With sea scent intermingled

Beach houses beamed contentedly

You were my true safe place

You often complimented me

And I still miss that face

Sometimes I walk to Calshot pier

I’ll miss you Dad, forever

I’ll skim those stones though you’re not here

Recalling days together


13 thoughts on “A Stone’s Throw…

    1. Thanks Peggy. I always smile to think of dear Dad but the missing will never go. Am enjoying my life a lot and would just love to share my experiences with him as he always took an interest in me and how my life was unfolding xxx

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