Are we there yet?

Are we there yet? As a teacher, this is one of the questions I have often heard from students over the years en route to a school trip. As adults the question of when when we’ll ‘get there’ often relates to the end of our working day, reaching retirement or even becoming a happier person. What about if our ‘there’ is ‘now’? What about if the end point wasn’t that important after all? I don’t think that I’ll ever be ‘complete’ or the ‘finished product’ or that I am even meant to be and at the moment I feel quite o.k. with that.


A painting not yet finished

A dress that’s being made

A plant that is still growing

That needs both light and shade

A project that’s in progress

A race that’s not yet won

I’m part way through the process

A dawning morning sun

The journey’s never ending

I’ll never quite arrive

The energy I am sending 

Is what makes me alive

I’m learning I know nothing

The child inside me smiles

We spend our whole lives bluffing

Keep clocking up those miles

I’ll take the time to savour

What counts is my life’s beat

I love the different flavours

Of life that’s incomplete


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