Art in the Heart

Whilst walking home from a meeting a few months ago,  I imagined a pale and emaciated artsy type, challenged by the tedium of rational thinking and everyday life.  I had fun working with the rhythm in the poem and it was a good way of switching off mentally whilst I ambled back through the village, along the Birs to Dornach. Maybe we all have a touch of the frustrated creative in us a times?

The Frustrated Creative

The frustrated creative

Rarely gets elated

When dealing with the nuts and bolts of life

Deep and contemplative

Never satiated

Colourful imagination’s rife

The frustrated creative

Has a soul that’s fated

To live a life that’s full of highs and lows

Pale and complicated

A touch emaciated

He’s taken more than his fair share of blows

The frustrated creative

Finds facts overrated

And lives upon a whisper and a prayer

Sees the understated

And often feels berated

Carries a blue rucksack full of cares

Ego deflated

The frustrated creative

Existential woes weigh down his mind

Clothes are outdated

The frustrated creative

Sensitive and fragile hearted kind


19 thoughts on “Art in the Heart

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