Art in the Heart

Whilst walking home from a meeting a few months ago,  I imagined a pale and emaciated artsy type, challenged by the tedium of rational thinking and everyday life.  I had fun working with the rhythm in the poem and it was a good way of switching off mentally whilst I ambled back through the village, along the Birs to Dornach. Maybe we all have a touch of the frustrated creative in us a times?

The Frustrated Creative

The frustrated creative

Rarely gets elated

When dealing with the nuts and bolts of life

Deep and contemplative

Never satiated

Colourful imagination’s rife

The frustrated creative

Has a soul that’s fated

To live a life that’s full of highs and lows

Pale and complicated

A touch emaciated

He’s taken more than his fair share of blows

The frustrated creative

Finds facts overrated

And lives upon a whisper and a prayer

Sees the understated

And often feels berated

Carries a blue rucksack full of cares

Ego deflated

The frustrated creative

Existential woes weigh down his mind

Clothes are outdated

The frustrated creative

Sensitive and fragile hearted kind


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