Nature does not hurry

What a gift it is to now have a little more flexibility with time. A couple of days ago I walked down to the river and sat on a bench with my thoughts, watching the day go by. My mood was a little wistful and I wrote several poems. Mindfulness is so much easier to achieve out in nature.

Reflective River

Between the trees, the water’s green

The surface sheen, mosaic 

Impressionistic Monet scene

To turn the soul prosaic

The lilting leaves, and gentle breeze

Give form to this slow splendour

We have to capture moods like these

Wild beauty – my heart mender

The twigs chug by, the air feels dry 

The sun is slowly creeping

Like passengers we pass on by

Inside our hearts are weeping

Between the trees, the water’s green

No man can change its pace

In its reflection I have seen

Our roots all have their place

Between the gaps, the sweet tree sap

Drifts through and scents the way

Melancholic, yes, perhaps

But grateful for this day


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