Wild Horses

The highlight of our lovely holiday in The Dolomites last week was seeing a group of  wild horses contentedly roaming high up in the mountains. We had been hiking uphill for a couple of hours and were tired and hungry when, on turning a corner, these beautiful creatures suddenly appeared. It was a truly rare and spine tingling moment to feel their joyful, abandoned energy. The horses knew we were there but carried on regardless, temporarily allowing us access to their magical place.
Magical Horses

Upon a glowing mountain side

There is a wild and magic tribe

With white sand manes and flowing tails

Their gentle spirit does prevail
We were just random passers by

They frolicked freely, spirits high

Long limbed fillies and their foals

Alive, abandoned backward rolls
It touched me deeply, I must say

To see these special beings play

True liberation, they have sussed

One nuzzled you –  a sign of trust?
They showed us beings what’s humane

Loose, at large on their terrain

We thought we’d seen it all and done it

Until this magic horse’s summit
Upon that glowing mountain side

A part of you and I resides

Their gallop somewhere in our steps

Their silky tails, we won’t forget
Smooth tawny backs and gentle hooves

Have seeped into our deepest grooves

Oh gentle horses, that convene

On sacred mountain tops of green
Like unicorns, your presence healing

It really was a one off feeling

So mystical, your flowing source is

Magical and knowing horses


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