The Sound of Silence

I consider myself to be somewhat of an ambivert. I am energised by people, their stories and by sharing matters of the heart with my friends and family. Yet the other part of me loves to gain new energy from being alone, out in nature, listening to the sound of silence. Today’s poem is about a hillside retreat which I imagined in a recent visualisation. Another place I can now mentally return to when life gets busy and I need to refuel.
Dreamers Hill

It’s sunset up on Dreamers Hill

Satsuma tinged, the sky

Faint smell of burgers on the grill

Still lingers here up high

Daisies dotted on the mound

Recall my childhood days

I make a chain and wrap it round

My hair, and gaze away

On Dreamers hill, I come to chill

Until the stars arrive

The solitude gives me a thrill

And fresh ideas can thrive

Where buttercups help lift me up

And I can think in visions

My swirling mind loves to make up

Far from real life’s derision

At times I sit whilst my thoughts flit 

My mind and spirit playing

Wondering if this is it

And who here’s when I’m praying?

A whimsical and hazy place

Where facts are uninvited

On Dreamers Hill, there’s no rat race

I’m thrilled, fulfilled, excited!

And as I roll back down the slope

This dreamy hill imprinting

This life is far too short to mope

My eyes and smile both glinting


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