Stay Wild, Moon Child

Gazing at the moon makes me filled with a sense of infinite possibility. As I write, I recall a moment on a chilly night in Puglia when the full moon appeared behind the cathedral in the beautiful Piazza del Duomo. A moment of still and energising beauty which I have kept close to me ever since. A few weeks ago I was inspired by a moonlit walk back from choir to write this poem in which I imagined the moon as an elegant lady full of mystical power.

Lady Moon

She gazes up into the night

Her shoulders tall and straight

She wears a trailing evening gown

Bright white, bejeweled, ornate

Her brown hair swept upon her head

With gentle tendrils falling

Her earrings twinkle with the stars

The night sky is her calling

She glides across the galaxy

Long fingers, slender arms

The scent of midnight her perfume

Cool stillness is her charm

She moves with grace and elegance

Mysterious and deep

Her aura beckons reverence

She calls me in my sleep

A well of equanimity

She’s full and guides the way

Understated Lady Moon

You give my dreams their say

22 thoughts on “Stay Wild, Moon Child

  1. Lovely poem. The moon in the sky at night is like a shining beacon to light our way. The moon has always intrigued mankind and there are so many wonderful songs written about the moon. I always liked the song Bobby Darren sang about “Fly Me To The Moon”.

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