The Summer of Love

The summer holidays are here at last! Yaaaaaaaaay! Both a perk and a necessity of the teaching profession despite what ill informed cynics may claim. This year, as I complete my coaching certification on top of my full time teaching hours, I have needed this break more than ever. I wrote this simple poem in the summer holidays last year and re-reading it has got me into summer holidays mode already. Time to kick back and let life wash over me. Time to β€˜just be’ again. I think a celebratory glass of vino will be in order this evening! Here’s to the summer of lurrrrrrrrrrrrv!
The Joy of Being

Peaceful trees and sunny days

The real world seems so far away

Awaking early for a run

The chance to do things I find fun

Afternoons spent at the pool

Refreshing swims help me refuel

Lighter weeks that give me space

My feelings gently find their place

Energy and spirit free

Inspired to write poetry

Creating films, making a book

Experimenting as a cook

Wearing shorts and hair tied back

The time to cut myself some slack

Balmy evenings, barbeques

The luxury of time to choose

Meet ups with my treasured friends

Don’t want these lazy days to end

I feel thankful, more like me

And love this special time to be




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