Hello Goodbye

A few months ago I was daydreaming on the walk back home through Reinach Dorf when an ex from a particularly helter skelter relationship appeared in my thoughts as clear as daylight. Far from being a disturbing experience, it made me smile to think of some of the fun times we had experienced together. I also felt relieved that we had parted ways albeit in dramatic circumstances and so grateful for my life here with Andy. The flame had definitely burned out a long time ago!


The Ghost of April Sentiments

Faded denim, head to toe

Low sunset in your eyes

You had no other place to go

No one would buy those lies

Spiky hair and shiny skin

How you could own your stage

Although for some your jokes wore thin

I’d no way reached this stage

Your aftershave, like lemongrass

Infused with smoky tones

Bacardi life, was such a farce

Our love, a rolling stone

A flash blue car with eyes to match

A rockstar in my eyes

You couldn’t hold a single tune

But love, the truth defies

The Beatles came alive with you

And I was high on fiction

But I was always number two

To you and your addictions

You stood there like no time had passed

Desire’s headlights glaring

The ghost of April sentiments

And lust gone by stood staring

But haunt me did you not poor soul

We broke a world ago

My body smiled inside itself

Amused, and watched you go

Your denim more than faded now

Your charm a little dated

There’s no anger on my side

Our parting now seems fated


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