I wanna hold your Hand

Our hands seem to put us in touch with much more than just the material world. So many of our daily expressions involve hands. I personally love how in Italian culture a lot of interpersonal communication revolves around a commonly understood collection of hand gestures. The energy with which our hands move often says a lot more about what we are feeling than the actual words we are using. Here’s to our hands!

The Hands of Glory

The hand that gives

The hand that needs

The hand that shields

The hand that feeds

The helping hand

The hand outstretched

The hand that took

The hand that fetched

The hands that wash

The grime away

The hands that sign

And show the way

The hands that speak

My heart’s desire

The hands that set 

My soul on fire

The magic hands

The hands that feel

Strong hands that ooze

With sex appeal

The hands that breathe

When deep in soil

The hands that plant

The hands that toil

The hands that play

The hands that mend

The hands that heal

The hands that lend

The hand that played

Its pack of cards

The hand that helped

When times were hard

The hands that shook

The hands that prayed

Opened the book

And turned the page

The hands that touched

The hands that knew

The hands that squeezed

That got me through

The hands that link

To other lands

My childhood days

Doing handstands

The hands that dance

They’re so alive

The clapping hands

The big high five

The hands with lines

That tell our story

They speak our truth

The Hands of Glory


12 thoughts on “I wanna hold your Hand

      1. You are welcome. Am doing well today – have been picking our blueberries and blackberries and delivering quart bags of them to older friends. Makes my husband and I feel good. Hope your day is going well.

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      2. We make lots of smoothies with these berries. Make cobblers and cakes and cookies with these berries. Freeze them – get about 120 gallons per year from our vines and bushes. I too am a Smoothie Queen. lol

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