Flower Power

Still peaced out from last week’s hippie offerings, I started to think about what makes me blossom in life. Whilst I know that self worth and self compassion start from the inside, I am aware that in my world, encouraging words of validation from my loved ones can go a long way. Sincere words of appreciation can plant seeds in me that allow my soul to flourish and expand. 


A truly selfless, precious gift

That has the powerful to uplift

Her petals open up and flower

She can step into her power

Makes her stand a little taller

Makes her issues appear smaller

Helps her see with clearer eyes

The beauty that she holds inside

Can give her courage and conviction

Remove doubts, unblocks constrictions

Paves the way for greater things

Can help her aching heart to sing

A simple gift, what does it cost?

Geraniums at Pentecost

She’ll blossom with appreciation

Shower her with validation


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