Dear Dad

Happy Father’s Day Dad. We  will always remember you when we sit on our special bench in the garden…


This poem’s for a special man

Who gave me trust in who I am

A man who was and is still cherished

Though his earthly body perished

Whose dear heart lives on in his wake

A man that gave, who did not take

Or break when cancer’s stubborn will

Insisted he should be so ill

A man who shone in all our eyes

To every challenge he would rise

A humble man, with no sharp edge

Knowing him – a privilege

A man of honour, kept his word

With Dad around, we all felt heard

A treasured man, a knowing one

Who loved some good light hearted fun

A man whose love was felt by all

Abundant source, a waterfall

This Father’s Day, your memory’s near

So vivid, almost like you’re here

You’d always go to any length

Your legacy gives me great strength

I miss you Dad, you’re in my prayers

You taught me to reach out and share

When I felt doubt, you said “you can”

This poem’s for a special man


22 thoughts on “Dear Dad

      1. He died 15 years ago.
        When he confessed his pride I felt he finally treated me the way a father should treat his sons anyway.
        Little gestures. A handshake, maybe a tap on my shoulder. I can hardly remember.
        Those signs came very late and in a short period to have a longlasting impact on me.
        At the moment they happened I felt some kind of relief. Finally I got what I deserved.
        That’s all I can say for the moment.

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