A Day in the Life

Last Friday was a sunny, cool day – just my cup of tea weather wise. I had arranged to meet young Android for a meal and some vino in town. I was a little early for our rendez-vous and decide to to rest for a while in our local cafe. Whilst watching people transition into their weekends, I sat sipping my coffee and captured this small slice of life in words. Whilst considering a suitable Beatles tune to conclude this first week of Beatles song inspired post titles, I came across “A Day in the Life” – one of their songs I was least familiar with. Seemed to be fitting for the existential ramblings in today’s poem. Happy Hippie weekend! 🙂
Street Cafe Seat

The weekend’s here, the air is cool

And sunshine streaks the sky

The lazy clouds are full of wisp

I watch the world pass by

It’s like an English summer day

I have no fear of burning

The week’s flown by intensively

My tank is full of learning

I sit outside, to pass the time

My order never changes

Decaff coffee, write some rhyme

My head space rearranges

The stations near, soon you’ll be here

Eight years we’ve known this place

This once abandoned plot of land

Is now a bustling place

The station roof, is much improved

It undulates like waves

I’m temporarily removed

To far flung island days

The weekend’s here, it’s time for beer

At Saigon Moon we’ll eat

I’m looking forward to our time

From this street cafe seat


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