Love me do ❤️ 

Our habits, addictions and social behaviours often mask our basic human need for love and acceptance. Sometimes being open about our true feelings and desires breaks down barriers and offers more connection. Today’s poem is about taking the risk of showing up and sharing how you really feel. It is a theme which I revisit a lot in my posts. What does your soul ache for?


What’s behind the busy?

What can you not face?

What’s behind the constant need

To have things in their place?

What’s behind the guilt trip?

The beating yourself up?

What’s behind the ritual

Of filling up that cup?

What’s behind the bingeing

The weight loss and the gambling?

What’s behind the chocolate fix

The climbing up, the scrambling?

What’s behind the Selfies,

The updates and the status?

What’s behind the need for speed,

The cool,new apparatus?

What’s behind appearances?

Your anti-ageing lotion?

What’s behind the collagen,

The phony self-promotion?

What’s behind the overtime

The need to show success?

What would be the price to pay

To not look at your best?

What’s the you behind the face,

Behind all those distractions?

What does your soul ache for now?

Our roles are but a fraction…

What’s the risk of opening up?

And why the need to cling?

What is there when you peel back

That fragile onion skin?


14 thoughts on “Love me do ❤️ 

  1. Very interesting poem. We all wear several different faces – according to who or what we are dealing with. I often hide behind a wall and others think I am shy and reserved (which I am not). It would take some peeling to get to the real me, I guess. I suppose you could call me strong willed, stubborn, and a private person. We are all complicated creatures.

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