Strawberry Fields Forever

During my lunchtime jog in the fields near to my school yesterday, I randomly came across a giant strawberry kiosk. Like you do. The randomness got me thinking about my own approach to life. The truth be told, I’m not the most conventional of souls. Eccentric some might say. Andy and I are happily unmarried expats sharing our lives with our much loved two bunnies and three rescue cats. I guess I am more of a crazy cat lady than the keeping up with the Joneses type. Somehow my forties seem to be about owning my life choices and not giving a damn. Strawberry fields forever!

Embracing Eccentricity

It’s quirkiness that makes me tick

Don’t do polished, don’t do slick

Prefer to sparkle on my own

Don’t want to be a mindless clone

Don’t want to follow like a sheep

And walk through my life half asleep

It’s truth and beauty that I seek

And my life’s purpose is unique

And if my choices are off beat

Move over, take a different seat

Cause I want more out of this life

Than playing the conforming wife

Don’t have fun comparing houses

Don’t care what car that your spouse has

Don’t aspire to be famous

Not some kind of ignoramus

Have a deep emotional well

A blessing and a curse as well

But it’s these feelings when expressed

That help me live my life the best

Because they’re powerful and strong

Unleashing them helps me belong

You might call me a throwback hippie

But not so high and not so dippy

Avoiding all duplicity

Embracing eccentricity


24 thoughts on “Strawberry Fields Forever

  1. “I want more out of this life”
    I feel the same.
    Sometimes this applies some kind of pressure on me because I don’t like excuses anymore. Nearly every day I strive to get the get the most out of my day. That means to further develop my artistic potential and to read demanding books. And much more…


  2. Loved your poem Sam. Love that cute strawberry booth. I was always a tom boy, I often think a lot of women are so silly about, clothes, makeup, jewelry, houses or cars. I enjoy being me and not conforming to what others think I should be. A very nice post indeed. 🙂


  3. Beautiful poem. I feel the same way. I never keep up with the Jones. I don’t even have to prove to myself. I live and do whatever I could, not meeting other people’s expectation. I’ll make sure I’m kind to myself and others. That’s good enough to me. Thank you for inviting me to read! Good job and good thinking!

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