Magical Mystery Tour

Mmm…The Beatles song titles are becoming a bit of a theme in my blog posts of late! I recently imagined being in a magical garden where I was completely connecting to my inner world. Visualisation continues to be such a powerful tool within the coaching sessions I have with my clients and with my own coach. I find that the more access I give myself to my imagination, the more alive and connected I feel and the more my clients allow themselves to do and feel the same. What helps you to connect to your inner world? Where does your favourite mental magical mystery tour take you?! (The camper van featured above was randomly parked outside the school I teach in yesterday so just had to be included!)


The Garden of my Higher Self

There is a garden far beyond

Where bamboo shoots surround a pond

Secluded, lush and turquoise green

A place where only I have been

Where dragonflies vibrate close by

I take deep breaths and close my eyes

Imbibing nature’s amber nectar

Miles away from life’s conjecture

In the distance crickets buzz

Cool moss beneath my feet like fuzz

Soft and sensual, summer rug

I give myself a tender hug

The glistening surface of the pond

Mirroring my natural bond

With all the thriving stems and shoots

Some swallows pass, an owl hoots

Willows like a horse’s mane

Cascade with tears of joy, no pain

And butterflies of cornflower blue

Flash past to tell me, just be you

This is a garden where I know

The beauty of my soul can glow

Where pond life’s rich with nature’s wealth

The garden of my higher self


13 thoughts on “Magical Mystery Tour

  1. I experienced such a thing once near a forest not far away from my home: There was no noise at all for maybe 2 minutes!
    I was struck by it. Then some kind of noise came in – but those 2 minutes reminded me of the inner peace we can gain from time to time if we are really willing to achieve that.

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  2. I like that camper- such a good message painted on the sides. Loved this poem. Those of us who can allow our mind to float off into never, never land – seem to be happier and more at peace. Set me, alone, surrounded by nature and I can travel to places beyond this world. Imagination – a gift for the soul. Love this post. 🙂


  3. Hey Sam, here I am 🙂 this poem of yours could so easily be turned into a guided meditation. Do you ever do that ? By the way, I noticed you have started follwoing my blog. Thank you so much !

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