Rocky Road

Hard though it is to believe, some cats really do have a tough life. Back on one of our recent trips to Limassol, we came across a weather beaten looking fellow who looked like he had seen and done it all and had the war wounds to match. You really didn’t want to mess with him and he was one of the only cats that would not venture near enough for a photograph! Looking at him more closely though, this tough old tom did still have a little kittenish look in his eye. Just a pussycat at heart, hey Rocky?!

Rocky’s grey just like a stone

A tom cat – real testosterone

His head is beefy, fur is tough

One look from Rocky is enough

To chase the bravest cat away

In fear of being Rocky prey

Too many claw marks, bitten ears

He’s big and burly – has no fears

He looks at humans with disdain

And swaggers slowly like John Wayne

His lady friends of course are smitten

He’s fathered many local kittens

Coat is weathered, acts all shirty

Is au fait with fighting dirty

Rocky’s stocky, he’s cock sure

He’s been and done it all and more

Yet under his grey coat of pride

It is as if he tries to hide

Some pretty hints of tiger stripe

He once was not the virile type

But a small kitten, charcoal brown

A fluffy cheeky kitten clown

Not rufty tufty Rocky roo

But please don’t say that I told you!


32 thoughts on “Rocky Road

  1. This is beautiful albeit sad. It reminded me of a stray I knew who got removed from our residential area because he was intimidating other cats. We never found out where he was taken to😿
    Thanks for introducing yourself! I love your poetries, you have a gift of touching people’s hearts with your words.

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  2. Some cats do have a hard life and yet do not want to be brought inside…the outdoor life is all they know and keeping them trapped is not akind thing to them. As long as there is food when it is needed and help for the wounds….they are happy.

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