Seeing Red

Anger is never a pretty thing and is an emotion that most nice girls are taught to repress from a young age. Poorly chanelled anger is of course destructive to the self and others, but I believe that when harnassed, rage can be a great creative force. Today’s poem is about a woman who used her inner fire positively to become a stronger more expressive person and in turn had the last laugh. There is also a link to a video of the poem below the writing.


Furescala, the flame thrower

She once got badly burned

She lay down on the kitchen floor

All alone and spurned

Scalded by the heat of love

Consumed by her desire

Furescala felt powerless

But learned to trust her fire

Harnessing the energy

And no longer forlorn

Hell it knows no fury

Like a woman scorned

A blazing, burning rhapsody

So powerful and bold

Seething through her very core

And how her flames could scald

She flipped the anger inside out

And turned it on it’s head

Flaming, fierce and passionate

Her heart was strong and red

Spicy, hot, like chilli seeds

And thumping with such ire

Instead of holding it inside

She set her soul on fire

She sang it and she painted it

She danced it, celebrated

Instead of letting it consume her

She simply created

Furescala was furious

And she had flames to throw

And once she’d fully felt her rage

She smiled and let it go




36 thoughts on “Seeing Red

  1. agree with bbb … when I worked in child protection I used my fury several times to confront doctors who were not reporting extensive injuries … turned them around to work with me πŸ™‚ but creativity is also a great outlet πŸ™‚ in held it becomes depression

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  2. Love that chili pepper heart. Loved listening to your video – you presented the poem with exquisite taste and drama Furescala is a very unusual name. The last 2 lines of the poem make for a perfect ending. Very well done.

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    1. Thanks Peggy. This was one of my favourite poems to write and recite. Perhaps not the most PC of topics but I really believe we can flip our anger inside out and use it to create positive transformation. How was your day? πŸ™‚

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      1. Yes, I believe we can flip our anger to make things positive. That was a very nice poem you wrote. My day is going well. One blogger just gave me a good laugh with her comment and it made my day. Your poem made me feel very good also – thank you.

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  3. I enjoyed this poem and it reinforced the idea of using anger to accomplish something good – like making yourself into a stronger, more assertive person.

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  4. This is a fantasitic poem! It truly describes how a woman gets angry ☺… I love the part where it talks about using the anger to come up with something and then letting go. Well done! 😊

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