Part of The Process

I’ve missed Dad a lot this weekend. There are just so many things that I would love to share with him about my life and new ventures. His encouragement and belief in me were a constant source of support and I miss the sound of his gentle, loving and reassuring voice. I know that missing Dad will never ‘go away’ and feel deeply blessed to have been raised by such a wonderful human being. It is ok to miss people that we love. It’s all part of the healing process. I wrote this poem last autumn and there is a link to the filmed version of the poem below.

I feel you’re missing in my bones

I miss your smile, your vocal tone

I feel you’re missing as the trees

Blow softly in the autumn breeze

And as the light begins to fade

And leaves turn red and orange shades

I feel you’re missing all the more

The feeling deep within my core

The night times they begin to bite

And try I will with all my might

But you’re not here and no distraction

Ever brings true satisfaction

Because you’re missing and I know

That missing you will never go

I feel you’re missing in my heart

As the days pass and autumn starts

As blackbirds search the ground for seeds

And frost destroys both plants and weeds

I feel you’re missing, you’re not there

Just want to sit alone and stare

To tell myself they got it wrong

That you’ll be back before too long

That when the snowflakes kiss my cheeks

You’ll return and we will speak

I feel you’re missing so much so

Unbearable to let you go

I feel you’re missing in my spleen

It feels so cruel, unfair and mean

But I will try with all my power

To see the sun between the showers

To let these feelings come and go

And trust it won’t be always so


Missing – The Video


24 thoughts on “Part of The Process

  1. A beautiful poem. We miss those we love forever and the pain does not go away, but it will diminish. To sit and wish those you loved could sit beside you once again and show their love – is a wonderful feeling. So sorry your Father is gone. I can tell how much you loved him and miss him. xxxx

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