The Call of the Forest

Another one of my favourite things to do on a hot day is to venture into the forest. The cool leaves and earth provide shelter from the sun and a refuge from manmade heat and the sound of wildlife is always calming and grounding.  In fact during  our Alsatian hike last year, one of our campsite stays was situated high up in a forest – the perfect escape from the sunny, exposed vineyards that we had trekked through throughout the day.  Andy and I plan to take our hammocks up to our nearby forest at some point over the long weekend and indulge in a little tree therapy! Happy Friday!


Free in the Trees

Within the cool and shady trees

My mind is safe to travel

The branches rock me in their arms

My weary limbs unravel

I’m camouflaged by leafy shoots

No need for social graces

Off come my well worn hiking boots

My soul loves hidden places

My tired eyes feel quite revived

There’s rustling and creeping

I feel the pinecones underfoot

And sense the wildlife peeping

Far away and yet so close

To life and it’s true essence

To disappear into the trees

Fills me with lighter presence


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