Let it Be

Sometimes all it takes to help slip into a different frame of mind is connecting with positive memories and experiences. A few weekends ago I was on a busy and warm train straight after work feeling a little on the frazzled side. I decided to begin to think about the things that relax me most and wrote them in a poem and soon began to unwind. Reading the words again this morning helps me to connect with the feeling all over again.

Soft white towels on my bed

Am understood, though nothing’s said

The earthy smell of sandalwood

The knowing smile of sisterhood

Roast dinner that my Mum has made

Watching as the daylight fades

A happy cat that calls me home

Luxuriating in spa foam

A lemon scented hot Earl Grey

The outdoor pool on summer days

A glass of wine, my massage chair

Accepting, gazing, mindful stare

Breathing slowly, loosened ties

And watching fluffy clouds pass by

A light blue dress, a peaceful sigh

A Friday wine time weekend high

Bubbles, waves and sunset lakes

Allowing time to take a break

Floating, laughing, rope is slack

Warm, supportive, life gives back

Open chats in gentle tones

Time to be with me, alone

The morning deer that leap with joy

Permitting myself to enjoy

The light that creeps through forest trees

Having space and feeling free

Mountain views from sleepy trains

My pyjamas when it rains

Amarone and Riesling

When I write and when I sing

Dreaming and imagination

Are, my friends, my relaxation


18 thoughts on “Let it Be

      1. lovely … no where near your crowded train πŸ™‚ I had a wonderful 3 hour walk up the beach to the lighthouse and back around the river got loads of photos then did some jobs for Mum … so really lovely relaxing day thanks πŸ™‚ So enjoy your poems

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