Fun in the Sun?

My English constitution does not deal well with really hot weather. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good bit of sunshine but the kind of cool Spring sunshine that allows you to go about your daily business freely without requiring three showers a day is more my bag. On Sunday, I dragged Andy out for a jog in the morning sunshine. It had already hit 26 degrees by 8.00am and it was, quite frankly, like jogging through treacle. The relief was huge when we reached our final destination – the outdoor pool in Aesch.

Sunfire Slog

The paths are hot

Their soles are cracked

The sun, like fire on my back

It’s eight o’clock

But summer’s heat

Fierce, like tigers

Prowls the street

My breathing, heavy

Strides are slow

Each step is laboured

Boiling flow

Skin’s like lava

Pouring, melting

English summers

Aren’t this sweltering

Why keep running?

It’s masochistic,

Part of me,

And ritualistic

The paths are hot

My head is too

The chilled pool water

Gets me through

We reach our goal

We dive straight in

Relief is cold

Upon my skin


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