The Early Bird

I go to bed ridiculously early on week days and it doesn’t bother me a bit! It means I can wake up really early, go for a jog and write. This sacred hour in the morning is worth two tired ones in the evening. I start my day doing the things I really want to do and this gives me better quality of life. Are you an early bird? Which worms do you catch?!

Stolen Hour

Before the world has woken up

Before all expectation

The hour is a stolen one

Of private contemplation

Before the time for playing roles

Before the chores implore me

The hour is a precious one

So far from facts that bore me

Before the need for shopping lists

Before the countless questions

I have the time to go inside

My moment of reflection

The hour is a chink of light

A glimpse of life evolving

A space to let my feelings speak

No rational problem solving

Before I’ve thought of things to do

Before I start the list

This hour is a stolen one

A priceless, special gift


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