Mother Nature

In an attempt to escape the recent baking Swiss sunshine on Saturday, I headed to the river for a familiar walk along the  shady path. On my way I discovered a hidden route which I had never taken and found an exceptionally tranquil spot to bathe my feet and relax. It was lovely to discover a new angle to an old jaunt. Mother Nature is full of surprises! The new energy that I took from these hours of cool refuge reminded me of the spirit behind my coaching business name (New Flow Coaching) hence the title of the poem.


New Flow

Today I found a secret path

It made the walk brand new

Reminding me, familiar roads

To see from different views

The river current here flows strong

White bubbles briskly bobbing

The trees vibrate in full bird song

My river chilled feet, throbbing

Black butterflies, they flicker by

Their passing beauty warning

It matters not, what I have got

There’s joy in each new morning

A duck surfs past, adept and fast

His beak high with the pleasure

Complete immersion in the ride

Enjoyment shines like treasure

To find a space of rare escape

Upon familiar ground

Makes me feel grateful for the wisdom

That in nature’s found


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