Swan Lake

During a visualisation session with my coach George I was recently transported to a beautiful lake just after sunset. The connection that I felt in this place was unique and I am grateful to be able to travel back to this sacred spot any time that I close my eyes. Our imaginations are so powerful and can often provide us with a much needed and restoring break from the daily grind. Sometimes you don’t need to physically travel anywhere in order to explore a completely different world.

Knowing Lake

The sun has set upon the lake

A vast blue open space

Swans are circling mindfully

This is my knowing place

I’m sat upon the grassy bank

My back and arms are chilled 

My mind is gliding with the swans

My still heart is fulfilled

I dip my toes in one by one

Fresh water scents the air

A solitary universe

I trust and feel aware

And soon the urge to plunge right in

I just cannot resist

The dusky sky above me smiles

As I bathe in the bliss

The shiny surface rippling 

The circles interfacing

And me I’m just a floating soul

Aligned, no more time chasing

My body is like driftwood now

I have no need to cling

The water is a Blue Ground Dove

I travel on its wings

As dusk fades into darker tones

The lake light is now dimmer

I take my knowingness to shore

Inspired by its glimmer


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