Rhyme Time

Yes I know, I know, poems don’t have to rhyme to be powerful and emotional but, you know, I enjoy a good old rhyme! If I was younger and cooler I may even try my hand at writing a rap song as I love the syncopation and rhythmn of words so this would really appeal to me. Before you begin to get worried I would like to reassure that I have no aspirations of becoming Dornach’s answer to Honey G (sorry – UK X Factor reference!) Whilst walking to the spa one day in the February break my imagination conjured up a picture of a wizard like character whose soul purpose in life was to rhyme. He now has his very own poem! Happy Friday!

The Rhymer

The Rhymer rhymes his day away

He is a rhyme old timer

His rhymes sublimely rhythmical

Such timing gets no finer

His couplets chant with confidence

His stanzas stamp with style

Symbolic smiling similes

Yet moving all the while

Mosaic words of wonderment

Make melodies of myrrh

Syncopated stanzas shout

Whilst sensual subtext purrs

The Rhymer writes and he excites

His pen it punctuates

With words absurd and beats unheard

Each choice accentuates

Syntax rich and resonant

Suggestive sounding sonnets

When in your mind, there is no ryhme

The Rhymer lands upon it

He lives to rhyme and never mimes

His rhymes align and shine

The Rhymer’s mind, one of a kind

Is always primed to rhyme


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