Storms don’t last forever

Almost exactly a year ago I was sitting in the garden and the air was dark and heavy giving me one of those headaches that often come before a storm. When the heaven’s finally opened, I remember feeling like a weight had been lifted from me, both emotionally and physically. It was as if the grief I was experiencing was giving way to a new life force and that nature was once again propelling me forward to the next phase of the ever evolving circle of life.
May sky

A smoky humid mid-May sky

The heavens breaking far up high

Bursting clouds that yearn to cry

With healing tears on ground so dry

Let those sultry drops of rain

Coming beating down in a refrain

After the storm comes sun again

So let the cycle wax and wane

Let the grass grow strong and tall

Accept the weeds now warts and all

Nature sprouts and spreads so wild

In each of us there is a child

Who needs to leap and dance and scream

To wander off, take time to dream

To cartwheel down a village path

And have a real deep belly laugh

Forgetting all conformity

Connect with sensuality

So let the storm come belting down

Let petals fly and float around

Embrace the thunder it’s not frightening

See the energy in lightning

Let yourself burst forth, be real

Nature says don’t judge, just feel

Live your passion, have your say

Says this sultry sky in May


9 thoughts on “Storms don’t last forever

      1. I merely speak the truth, you are sincerely talented … you transport me right there! I am impressed … still learning myself so it’s good to have poets who are accomplished

        Liked by 1 person

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